Performance NÅ 6

...när du vaknat har vi kommit fram till Köpenhamn


An evening with performance art from Copenhagen.

At Landmark, Bergen 12.11 at 20.00 

Olof Olsson, Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, Sophie Dupont, Christian Falsnaes.

curated by Frans Jacobi for PAB, Performance Art Bergen.


Sophie Dupont


Performance was a very strong artistic medium in Copenhagen in the 60ties and the 70ties – fluxus, Arthur Köpcke, Joseph Beuys, Bjørn Nørgaard and Lene Adler Petersen, Henning Christiansen, Kirsten Justesen, Kirsten Delholm, Billedstofteatret, Solvognen, Værkstedet Værst a.o.. By the mid-80ties performance disappeared and was somehow completely absent until the mid-00’s. Here a new generation stepped in and took stage.

Among the first wave of performers in this generation are Olof Olsson and Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen. Both started out in Copenhagen but have each developed extensive international careers, performing all over the world, from mega-events as the Venice Biennial to small humble night-clubs somewhere outthere. Olof Olsson has refined the format of performance lecture to absolute perfection – its witty, intelligent and reveals surprising content. Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen has developed her own brand of feministic performance, luxerious costumes and an adventurous use of music.

Christian Falsnaes and Sophie Dupont is younger, and belongs to what can be called the second wave of the new performance-generation. Christian Falsnaes creates manipulating psycho-social scenarios of upfront viewer inclusion. Sophie Dupont works in a more contemplative mode, combining complex costumes with simple, essential human acts.

The title is taken from a song by the swedish Bo Kaspers Orkester, describing the feeling of falling a sleep inflight, from somewhere out there, to somewhere in Scandinavia, first stop in CPH Airport. In a similar sense the Copenhagen art scene has been a stop over from an array of performance artists all thru the last decade. Olof Olsson is swedish, but has used Copenhagen as his artistic base in the last 20 years, Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen is danish/philippene and has used her mixed background as one of the main themes in her artistic production, Sophie Dupont is danish and have primary been working in and out of Copenhagen, while Christian Falsnaes is danish but educated in Vienna and living in Berlin.


Welcome to an evening in Copenhagen!







Performance Nå 6 is supported by Danish Art Fundation, Nordic Culture Point and Arts Council Norway



In addition to the performances at Landmark Olof Olsson, Sophie Dupont and Christian Falsnaes will do artist-presentations at:

KHiB, Bergen Academy of Art and Design,

C.Sundsgate 53, Bergen, 6th floor (orange)

Thursday, 13.11. at 10-12.

Open for everyone!


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Christian Falsnaes

Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen

Olof Olsson